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"Make-Up" Your Own Inspiration

Meet Storymaker Amy McElroy, Make-Up Artist and all around talented young soul. She works diligently to hone her passion and education in makeup, and we hope her story encourages you to continue to 'make-up' your inspiration on the daily!

Our Favorite Hair Tricks & Treats

October is not only the season of candy, costumes and things that go bump in the night. Thanks to low humidity and cool weather, it’s also the season of good hair days. Want to push your look from good to great? Get a rich new fall color or Botanical Therapy Treatment now, before your social calendar (and your favorite stylist) is completely booked up.

Fall Focus: Wellness

With school back in session and sports and social calendars in full swing, fall in Murfreesboro is already feeling busier. And while having an engaging, full life is rewarding in its own right, it’s important both to slow down and recharge every now and then—and also to make strategic choices that can help you stay energized and content throughout the season and beyond.

Your Fall Beauty Plan

Summer has come and mostly gone, leaving happy, sun-filled memories in its wake. But let’s be real: days by the pool also result in dry, frazzled hair, faded color – and is that a brown spot?! Fortunately, the experts at Tangerine Salon & Spa have just the plan to get your hair, skin and nails back on track.


It’s funny—summer is supposed to be a season for slowing down, taking a break, and enjoying the sunshine. Somehow, though, it seems to fly by in a whirlwind of fun and activity. And before we know it, you’re closing in on fall. For the team at Tangerine, this summer has been no exception. Here’s a quick look at what’s keeping us busy (in all the right ways)!


Come summer, it’s easy (and oh-so-tempting) to sideline your self-care routine and all the obligations that go along with it. And who can blame you? You’ve got sun to soak up, poolside drinks to sip , and al fresco meals to linger over.